How to find a persons information

If you are unsure who you should contact or need assistance finding the right phone number, you can call the FACES Laboratory for help.

Information on the Missing Persons Act

The State of Louisiana requires that we collect the following information about missing persons for the purpose of identifying and finding the missing:. Information about each missing person in our database is also placed in the following places so that the general public and law enforcement agents from around the country can search and obtain information:. Skip to main content. How to Report a Missing Person The process of filing a missing persons report can be daunting and confusing. As you work through this list you will no doubt update many of the individual items multiple times.

Missing persons abroad

For example, as you get closer to finding the person you may have several addresses under item 14 and you might be able to fill in several names under item Now that we have the basic profile completed, its time to build the action plan to determine what we are going to do and the order that we are going to do it in.

No one lives forever and you can save yourself a lot of time by checking to make sure that your subject is still alive and living somewhere waiting to be found. Let's check the Social Security Death Records database to be sure.

Notice that there are two forms on this page. The top form appears directly under the heading "Discover interesting facts about your family". You don't want that form. Enter as much of the information into that form as you can and click the Submit button. Do not click the Advanced Search button.


The search will return anyone who is deceased that has the same name as the person you are looking for. Your next step depends upon whether or not you have High School or College details.

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If you do then your work may be just about over. Alumni or Reunion directories are very popular. There is an excellent chance that your subject is either listed in one of these directories or someone who knows them is listed.

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The major reunion directories cover thousands of colleges and high schools across the United States. There is usually a free and a paid membership option. The free option often lets you search for a members name after you join. Some sites even let you search before you join. Some sites will allow free members to post messages in public chat or message board areas. This is a great way to "shout out" and see if anyone knows where your missing person is.

If your subject is listed then you're all set. If not, then try reaching out to other members from the same year. Its rare that you won't find someone who knows something that can help you. There are literally hundreds of telephone directories available on-line.

Some directory sites even provide access to a limited number of international telephone directories. Searching an on-line telephone directory is very simple. If you don't know all of that information, some sites will let you search my First and Last Name only and some will let you search simply by last name.

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Obviously the more information you enter the shorter your list will be. The great thing about these directories is that you can get a snapshot of all people with your subjects name across the entire country. Of course, this is only going to help you if the person has a phone and that phone is listed in their name. While you may not come up with your subject directly, the chances are good that you can shake loose a relative or two. Here are the top white pages search sites and the minimum information that is required in order to perform a search at that site:.

If you found your subject then you're all done. If you found some people that you think might either be your subject or someone who might know your subject, then simply give them a call and see what you can find out. If you've come this far and you haven't found your missing person yet, don't worry.


Mobile Number Tracker makes it easy to find person’s contact details: How to use the tool

I'm about to introduce you to some more powerful searching tools. Some of these tools charge a fee to use but I'm going to show you how to get all the leads you can handle out of them for free! Don't worry; we won't be doing anything illegal. We're just going to use the information that they are willing to provide people at no cost and then use other free methods to develop that information further. There are a number of fee-based web sites that will give you access to public record information. This public information varies from liens and lawsuit filings to drivers license information, birth, death, marriage and divorce records.

The type of information that is available depends upon the state that you are searching in. Different states have varying laws about what public information can be disclosed. There are also federal laws which take precedence over individual states. There is no question that the fee-based sites are the quickest way to find most people. The only issue is whether or not you want to spend the money to access the files.

The "Free" in their title refers to the fact that this web site will let you search public records without paying a surcharge above their very modest annual membership fee of year. Not really my definition of free. The good news is that you can get some very good leads from this service without paying any fee at all. Here's how it works. Leave the State blank if you don't know it for sure. Click the "Submit Search Request" button. However, if the search found matches then you will see a list of every person in the database who matched the name you entered including their Last name, First name, City State and Age.

That's more than enough information to take over to one of the free White Pages sites and possibly wrap up your search in a few minutes and it didn't cost you a dime! There's a slight bug in the program at this site. It places the person's middle initial right next to the last letter in their first name. This is another site which checks public records.

Don't confuse it with the PeopleFinder link at the first site that I gave you. It's an entirely different site. They seem to have more records than FreePublicRecords. Still, that's a start and you can go back to the telephone directories and see what you can find. Yet another public records site with a free search option. This one will only reveal the persons Age, State and the last date that the record was updated.

That's all pretty valuable information, especially the date last updated. That will tell you how fresh the lead is. One interesting feature of this site is that it will also show you the names of other people residing in the same household. If you've reached this point and you have not found your subject yet, its time to play some long shots. The next chapter will discuss your remaining options before you have to resort to hiring someone to do the work for you.

There's still some hope of finding your missing person even though you have tried all of the most obvious methods. In this chapter we're going to try some alternate search methods that may not lead you directly to the person you are seeking, but one of these methods may uncover enough information for you to add to your Profile sheet and go back to the Quick Search section armed with more information. It is mind boggling how much information has been categorized and indexed by search engines.

Each of the major search engines take a different approach to the technology but they all manage to do the job pretty well.

6 Best Totally Free People Search Sites Online

The key to success when using a search engine is to understand the advanced search capabilities of each one. Advanced searching enables you to cut through the clutter and return pages that are more relevant to what you are looking for.

Popular categories on YP.ca:

People who are actually trying to hide usually won't be easily found using standard Internet search engines. You do have a good chance of locating missing friends and associates if they have some sort of web presence, email address, or if they have been included in a newspaper article, are associated with a special club or place of employment, or if they have their own web site or web-based business.

The information you find from your search can help in tracking down that person you are looking for even if it does not lead to them directly. Let's look at each of the major search engines and directories that are likely candidates for helping you find your favorite missing person.

Google is definitely the pound gorilla in the search engine marketplace.