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You can also relive the '90s and see singers like Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, and Celine Dion in their Las Vegas performance residencies, reviving their best of the decade along with their new music on stage in Sin City. Such an iconic decade shouldn't — and probably won't — be forgotten anytime soon. And neither will the words to certain songs.

Check out some unforgettable song lyrics to some of the most memorable '90s songs below. The song that taught you that it was OK to be upset and hurt after a breakup. You moved on, of course, but not after belting this tune in your car or at an impromptu karaoke event — just like in the movie Booksmart. It just shows that the classic album and song are still here to remind you of how awesome it always has been, even decades later. The rock band went from being alternative to the singers of everyone's graduation song for a decade.

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The words that launched Spears' career in the '90s. So basically, the song is about someone who is lonely hopes their former significant other will call them and come back. Originally by Dolly Parton, this country song went mainstream when Houston sang a cover of it on the soundtrack to the movie The Bodyguard , in which she starred with Kevin Costner.

Just the beginning of Spice-mania. The song keeps living! The never-surrender anthem of the '90s.


The song is about us — as a class and as a band. Next to powercouple rumors, hints of new music from Adele also have fans fired up. As it stands now, Adele has put out three studio albums, 19, 21, and 25 , named for the ages at which she released them. And honestly? They're super fitting. Listening to Adele's music feels like reading her diary.

Adele - Someone Like You

Here are some of her lyrics that showcase how intensely personal and relatable her music really is. This sweeping, melancholy song off of 21 presents listeners with the mixed emotions that seeing your ex can stir up.

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The pre-chorus of "Someone Like You" feels especially heart-wrenching:. Imagine the vulnerability it takes to admit to your ex that you're not over them and beg them not to forget you, especially in a world where people often want to "win" the breakup or appear the least torn up. It's also very human to look for someone like your ex when you start dating again and are on the rebound.


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This languid, soulful bop from 19 captures the nervousness that can come with confessing romantic feelings to someone. Then comes the chorus where Adele, like many of us, tries to talk herself out of it and wonders if confessing her feelings to her crush would just be "chasing pavements. Ever go back home for the holidays and run into an old crush or ex? The chorus captures the novelty of the moment:.

It might hard to admit, but sometimes, you really don't want to be the bigger person in a breakup. Sometimes, you want to be downright petty and that's OK!

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  • Post-breakup resentment is pretty normal. No, being mean isn't productive. You must be logged in to join the discussion Login or Register. I did one down strum until the pre-chorus then did DD strumming until the chorus then did DDU on the chorus, when if went back to the 2nd verse did 1 down strum again and then the same things DD for pre chorus and DDU for the chorus. Ik it's a lot to remember but just think 1 2 3 1 2 3 2 1 for d dd ddu d dd ddu dd d for the strum ming, it's a lot but sounds cool in my opinion.

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    This was helpful, as a 12 year old, the lyrics being erong really botherd me, but overall it was good :. I need a strum pattern. I don't like the one suggestion with Chuck's. Yes up two halfsteps is in the original key. Down, down, up, down, down, up. This works really well but you can change the speed of your strums to match the different parts of the song.