What is a level 1 background check

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What Is a Level 2 Background Check

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How far back will the information on a background check go?

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What Is a Level 2 Background Check

Human Resources initiates the background check process. The candidate will receive and email directly from the third-party provider with instructions on how to start the background check process. A reminder will be sent three calendar days from receipt of the initial email invitation if the candidate has not provided the information. Human Resources will contact the department hiring official to discuss proceeding with candidate. The department hiring official must notify Human Resources of the candidate's legal name, email address, and location in-state vs.

The employee must be notified in writing that the offer of employment is contingent upon successful completion of a background check. The hiring department should request an exception for an employee to begin working prior to the completion of a background check by contacted Human Resources and providing an explanation of the extraordinary circumstances.

The background check process must be initiated as quickly as possible in such situations. UNF uses background check information to determine whether applicants meet the eligibility requirements for a position they have sought, but criminal and juvenile records obtained in the background check process are exempt from public disclosure. A County Criminal Records Search reports felony, misdemeanor, and pending charges in specific counties. The standard background check scope is 7 years due to FCRA regulations; however, convictions older than seven years provided by the county will be indicated on the background screening report.

A Statewide Criminal Records Search includes information from all of the counties within a particular state. Investigating criminal records outside the county of residence is very important as these records may go undetected when a Statewide Criminal Records search is omitted. A Nationwide Database Search scans a collection of criminal records purchased from courts, corrections departments, and state agencies.

Level 1 Background Check and Screening Search

This search is essential supplemental searches as it captures criminal records for applicants in states or counties in which they may have never lived, but have criminal records. The Nationwide Criminal Database Search is comprised of more than million records, including 43 state databases and the District of Columbia. Each state provides information from at least one of the following: county courts, state corrections, or the state sexual offender list. The database also includes a Foreign Nationals search, providing information on individuals and entities that have been sanctioned by the U.

Federal charges typically encompass severe crimes such as drug violations, the illegal sale of firearms, embezzlement, pornographic exploitation of children, and crimes that take place on federal property.

What Types of Background Checks Are There? | CriminalWatchDog

Federal crimes do not appear in statewide or county criminal searches but are available nationally or by state and include pending cases as well as convictions. Candidate information is submitted to the FDLE, which shall perform a criminal history record check of its records and request that the Federal Bureau of Investigation perform a national criminal history record check of its records.

Human Resources.

Background checks must be completed before the selected applicant begins employment and will be processed as follows: Expand All. Background Check Committee. Current Employees Occupying Positions of Trust. Why is UNF requiring background checks?

Does a felony ever disappear from my record?

Who is required to submit to a background check? Will current employees be subject to a background check? How is the security of personal information maintained, such as date of birth and social security number? Will the candidate be automatically disqualified becuse of a conviction? The following will be considerations: The nature and gravity of the offense; and The time period that has elapsed since the conviction; and The nature of the job for which the applicant is applying: and Reoccurrence and pattern of criminal behavior; and Truthfulness of the applicant in disclosing the offense s ; and Information supplied by the applicant about the offense s.