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You'll soon be fined for touching your phone while driving. Sun 4 Sep Websites for ex mod vehicles?? Funnily enough i was browing such as website as this was posted! In addition to the above www. I've no idea whehter 20 grand is too much for this, www. I think you're missing out on www. Only bad point is that it isn't a TDCi.

Why would i want a bullet and bomb proof mondeo? Ohhhh yes. You see what'll happen though. I'll buy a www. Wouldn't worry about it so much in Sainsbury's car park. Dings no more. A festivus for the rest of us. Those are just awesome. Sorry to be posting links to what everyone else has already found, but I've gotta get one of these : www. Seems a little excessive.

Tracking down the history of an ex-army Rover | Army Rumour Service

Not saying I wouldn't have one though Adam, you're right - for a 97 Eagle, it's a lot of money. Perhaps something a little quicker and capacious would be in order : www. Me and dad have been to their premises before to look at one of the TACR2's they have in stock - dad was a Fireman in the RAF and he was considering restoring one and taking it to show's. Instead he bought a new caravan :- Reply Report as offensive Link.

The issue is the following: 1.

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Hpi check and car insurance quote do not recognise the number plate saying its not appearing under DVLA database even though i saw the log book. The service history book and reciepts do not show the new number plate nor do they show the old MoD one so I cannot verify this is actually the car's service history and not some con! I would like to phone up the garages where its been stamped for services but without the MoD number plate they won't be able to recognise it.

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I'm worried that the car is not appearing as registered according to hpi check or with the insurance. Anyone come across this before? There are currently no thanks for this post.

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Page 1. When I bought a car which had new numberplates not ex MOD , it took a while a week or two for the various services to update. I believe you should be able to run an HPI on the chassis number. Surprised the receipts don't show the old MOD number. Thanks i will ask for the VIN number this morning to run a few checks. On the receipt where it says reg no it have a funny looking code CW which does not look like a reg number so i dismissed it. Ivrytwr3 View public profile Send private message Find more posts View all thanked posts. Lex is who we use for all our white fleet vehicle needs ie non-green vehicles, landrovers etc.

It is completely up to you, but i wouldn't buy an ex-MOD vehicle.

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They are like Police vehicles, everyone drives like they stole them! Users saying Thanks 1. The mod plates are completely different to a normal number plate the sequence is 2 letters 2 numbers 2 letters so a plate beginning CW is probably correct. Whether it has been driven hard all depends on the vehicle and where it was used.

Just checked with DVLA and it does exist! Just that hpi take a while to obtain the details. I wouldn't usually touch ex-police but this one feels like a new car.

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This may be a daft question but are you planning on running this vehicle for some years? Otherwise, won't all this look odd to anyone you try and sell it on to e. If you then explain the background - many would walk away methinks. Notmyrealname View public profile Send private message Find more posts View all thanked posts.

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  8. Trebor16 View public profile Send private message Find more posts View all thanked posts. Number plates can be changed on any vehicle easily but the VIN is the only constant.

    As the age of the vehicle has been proven it has been given an age related registration number by DVLA. It won't take too much difficulty to explain this when the time comes to sell it. Just make sure you keep the supporting docs that come with the vehicle. I bought a rover ex MOD, Registered in I think it said declared not new or something on the V5? It had a standard plate. Punctuation, Spelling and Grammar will be used sparingly. Due to rising costs of inflation.

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